The team

Anthony Chong (CEO/Co-founder - IKASI)

Anthony has helped start multiple enterprise software companies.  Prior to IKASI’s founding, he was the head of Data Science at Adaptly (acquired by Accenture)– a company that managed social media advertising and engagement for large brands at the scale of millions of customers. Anthony’s team pioneered the introduction of an automated sentiment analysis system that analyzed and predicted customer sentiment across millions of engagements. He is a graduate of Caltech, where his research focused on building AI’s to maximize value in game theoretic environments (Algorithmic Game Theory). Anthony also serves on the board of directors for the Caltech Alumni Association and Science for All.

Nolan Fox (Co-Founder - IKASI)

Nolan is a subject matter expert in Data Science and Analytics. He ran valuation models on the Heavy Spender portfolio (most familiar to American consumers as the Venture card) at Capital One . Following that, he moved on to work on the Data team at Adaptly where he tackled optimization on social media advertising campaigns. His next stop was Facebook, wherein he was responsible for  modeling mobile carrier data revenue as a part of the initiative to grow global connectivity in emerging markets.

Sean Shillo (CTO/Co-Founder - IKASI)

Sean was a part of the engineering team at Adaptly, an Accenture acquisition. There, he built the software backend for a Software as a Service serving billions of ads informed by the data for millions of customers from some of the largest Fortune 100 companies.

advisory board

CO-SAFE has been built in close collaboration with health leaders, professors, and practitioners that represent academia, healthcare, public policy, and public health responses at state and national levels.

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