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CO-SAFE is a HIPAA compliant Software as a Service facilitating prudent data-backed decisions for public health response.

Our proprietary AI based platform allows the analysis of multiple data sets, including real time data to authenticate strategic decision making for public health systems.


CO-SAFE is a unique tool to combat the pandemic and facilitate a safe re-opening. The platform joins disparate data sources — first party, and public — on testing, healthcare, and community information in an interface to allow rapid exploration, forecasting and scenario planning.  As public health challenges change course, so should the response deployment. The ability to make strategic decisions and pivot as needed to meet the challenges armed with data based decisions.

AI enabled SaaS will allow public health officials to process multiple datasets with dynamic variables, predicting scenarios and making informed decisions. Our product allows for real-time scalable data analysis to address inequities in the public health system and to strategically deploy limited resources.



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